New Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new reference implementation of GAA-API (Generic Authorization and Access control Application Programming Interface, GAA-API v0.7). This code is provided as an academic contribution for joint exchange. It is experimental and is provided ``as is''.

Applications invoke GAA-API functions to check authorization against an authorization model. The API functions obtain policies from local files, distributed authorization servers, and from credentials provided by the user. The functions combine local and distributed authorization information under a single API based on the requirements of the application and applicable policies, and request credentials if necessary.

A module is provided to support a simple policy language called, Extended Access Control Lists (EACL) that is designed to describe user-level authorization policy. The GAA-API provides a general-purpose execution environment in which EACLs are evaluated. EACL is one of the possible policy languages supported by the GAA-API. The underlying architecture of the GAA-API allows different policy languages to co-exist in one execution environment.

Code Distribution

GAA-API Stand Alone Code

GAA-API Latest Code [GZIP] gaa-api.tar.gz (July 28, 2003)

Latest Changes on GAA-API [TXT] CHANGES (Dec 14, 2001)

Apache Server Integration with GAA-API

GAA-Apache2 (Based On: httpd-2.0.47)

Latest GAA-Apache2 Package[GZIP]: gaa-httpd-2.0.47.tar.gz (Aug 15, 2003)

Detailed User Manual [PDF]: GAA-Apache-Manual.pdf (Sep 1, 2003)

All Changes For GAA-Apache2

GAA-Apache2 performance Evaluation

A Brief Manual For GAA-Apache2 [Doc]: Brief-Manual.doc (Sep 25, 2002)

Apache Server's Official Site:

GAA-Apache1 (Based On: apache-1.3.23)

Original Apache Release (version 1.3.23)

Source Code [GZIP]: apache_1.3.23.tar.gz

MD5 Signature: apache_1.3.23.tar.gz.md5

Latest GAA-Apache1 Package [GZIP]: gaa-apache-latest.tar.gz (June 26, 2002)

Major Changes to Apache Code

IPSec (IP Security) Integration with GAA-API

* Based On Linux's IPSec implementation: FreeS/WAN-1.91

FreeS/WAN's Official Site:

Original FreeS/WAN Release (version 1.91) Source Code [GZIP]: freeswan-1.97.tar.gz

Latest GAA-FreeS/WAN Package [GZIP]: gaa-freeswan-latest.tar.gz (June 26, 2002)

manual-gaa-ipsec.pdf Manual: How to Use GAA-API & IPSec Integration (June 17, 2002)

Latest Freeswan Configuration File [Plain Text]: ipsec.conf ipsec.secrets.left ipsec.secrets.right