All Changes For GAA-Apache2 (based on httpd-2.0.47)

(1) The whole ./gaa-api directory
a. provide GAA-API's source code and shared libraries
b. provide the template of GAA-API's default configuration file

(2) ./configure
a. set GAA-API paths    Ln:350-362
b. parse 3 extra parameters: -gaaapi -gaaapilib -gaaapiconf    Ln:437-459
c. adjust GAA-API paths    Ln:2300-2325
d. fill GAA-API parameters into its configuration files    Ln:2346-2385
e. add GAA-API paths into ${AP_LIBS}    Ln:15169-15186
f. add GAA-API paths into ${EXTRA_INCLUDES}    Ln:15530-15544

(3) ./
a. add 'gaa-api' into the ${SUBDIR} list    Ln:1
b. add rule "notify-gaa-conf"    Ln:19-20
c. display GAA-API configuration reference    Ln:30-44

(4) ./includes/gaa_apache.h (*NEW FILE*)
a. customizing GAA-API's option list at compile level

(5) ./server/request.c
a. add GAA-API's entry into mod_access    Ln:228-240
b. quote the original entry into mod_access & mod_auth    Ln:242-295

(6) ./modules/aaa/mod_access.c (*REWRITE*)
a. read configurations from Apache
b. initialize GAA structure: gaa_initialize()
c. extract domain-specific policy: gaa_get_object_policy_info()
d. generate the gaa_request_right and add information from Apache into its option list
e. make the access control decision using GAA-API: gaa_check_authorization
f. translate the decision from GAA-API into HTTP response