USC Computer Science 555 (CSci 555): Advanced Operating Systems - Fall 2006

Lecture Friday - 2:00 to 4:50 PM, OHE 132
Clifford Neuman


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The class covers advanced topics in computer operating systems with a special emphasis on distributed computing, and the services provided by distributed operating systems. Important topics include naming, security, remote procedure call, networks, concurrency, transactions, parallel computing, shared memory, message passing, and scale.

Text: The primary readings will be classic and recent papers available on the the class web site. We will supplement the reading of the papers with better integrated discussion from chapters of the text Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design by Coulouris, Dollimore, and Kindberg, (4th edition) which is available at the USC book store, or from other sources. You may also use the third edition, but if I refer to the text in class it will be the pages in the fourth edition that I will mention.

Required work: A mid-term and final, lots of reading, weekly or bi-weekly homework about the readings, possibly an occasional pop quiz, and a paper.


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