The Prospero Resource Manager Version 1.1.1

The latest version of PRM is 1.1.1.

Version 1.1.1 of the Prospero Resource Manager (PRM) is available as a compressed tarfile prm-1.1.1.tar.Z includes sources for Version 1.1.1, documentation and some demo programs that illustrate the operation of PRM.

Version 1.1.1 is a bug fix to Version 1.1. If you are already using 1.1, download this patchfile to PRM's top level directory on your machine and apply the patch as

patch -p1 < patch1.1.01

If you are building PRM on a Sparc machine and wish to install it with task migration capabilities, you must retrieve and unpack the checkpointing-extensions, ckpt_extn.tar.Z. This contains portions of Condor version 4.1.3b that PRM uses, and is available only for Sparc workstations. It must be unpacked in the same directory that the PRM distribution was unpacked in. When unpacked, it creates and populates the directory PRM/src/sun4/condor. To obtain the checkpointing extensions, click here.

New features in Version 1.1

The following features have been added to PRM since the previous release (Version 1.0, released in Feb. 1995):
Utility programs
prm_jobs for checking status of running jobs, prm_stat to query the status of a system manager and the nodes it manages, and prm_shutdown to gracefully shut down a PRM system.

Use of ACLs
System manager uses an access control list to determine whether the host requesting resources is authorized to use nodes.

Library routines
io_puts, io_gets, io_tputs, io_tgets for handling standard I/O to tasks, prm_create_task, prm_aq_rsc and prm_terminate_job for task creation and resource management.


Documentation supplied with this distribution can be viewed here.

Status and Supported Platforms

PRM Version 1.1 has been tested on Sun-3 and Sparc workstations (running SunOS 4.1.x) and HP 9000/7xx workstations (running HP-UX version 9).

Questions and bug reports

Questions concerning this software should be directed to and should specifically mention the Prospero Resource Manager (PRM). Bug reports must be sent to

Go to PRM Home Page.

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