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Directory Attributes

The following attributes are defined for directories:

DIRECTORY-ORDERING (not yet implemented)
This attribute is a 3-tuple. The default value is


which means that, by default, directory entries are sorted in increasing order according to the value of their NAME-COMPONENT attribute.

The first element of the tuple is SORTED or UNSORTED. If UNSORTED, the next two elements must be null. If SORTED, the second field specifies an attribute which is the sort key. The third element is either INCREASING or DECREASING, meaning the order of sorting.gif

If the INCLUDE-NATIVE attribute is set to any value other than NONATIVE, then the DIRECTORY-ORDERING cannot be UNSORTED.

If there is a COLLATION-ORDER attribute in addition, then COLLATION-ORDER is a major sort key and this is the minor key.

INCLUDE-NATIVE (not yet implemented)
Whether to include information from the native filesystem in the directory. If files are included, they will be included from the real directory on the server with the same hsoname as the Prospero directory. Its attribute-type is a single-element SEQUENCE. Values are:
Do not include files from native directory.
Include all files from native directory.
Same as above, but (for the UNIX server) do not include ``.'' and ``..''.
All entries in directory are from native dir; no links have been added. For the UNIX server, ``.'' and ``..'' are NOT included.
Directory is not real. This is set for all directories returned from filters and by Archie and Gopher.

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996