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Objects stored on UNIX

Objects stored on UNIX servers have the following attributes defined for them. These are all INTRINSIC:

A single-element SEQUENCE specifying the number of bytes used to store the object. Its format is ``number bytes''. Note the embedded space.

A single-element SEQUENCE. The UNIX username on the server of the user who owns this file.

A single-element SEQUENCE. The UNIX group name on the server of the group associated with this file.

A single-element SEQUENCE. The ASN-TIME representation of the last modified time of this object.

A single element SEQUENCE consisting of a ten character string. The first character is ``l'' for symbolic links, and ``-'' otherwise. The remaining 9 characters are the user, group, and other protection bits in the standard format returned by ``ls -l''.

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996