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This command requests the current status of the server. A humanly readable multiple line response is returned. The response may be presented to the user without additional processing. The response must conform to the following requirements so that it may be read by a program if desired.

The first line must include the server's software version identification enclosed in parenthesis, and the host name of the server. The name of the host should be the name that appears on local links generated by the server; it might not be the primary name of the host. The version identifier must be the first string that appears in parenthesis, and the host name must be the string that immediately follows the version identifier.

If a line contains a colon (:), the string preceding the colon identifies the meaning of the text that follows the colon. Reserved identifiers include Contact, Started, Memory, Data, Root, AFTP, AFS, and DB. The identifiers are case insensitive. If present, AFTP identifies the part of the file system accessible by anonymous FTP.

More than one DB line may be present. A DB line may contain more than one item on it; if it does, the items must be separated by spaces. Each item on a DB line is an initial prefix which this particular server recognizes to mean that, if this server receives a system-level name with this prefix followed by a slash, the remaining contents of the line are fed to a database program which translates it into a reference to a virtual directory.

Other than for the first line of the response, implementations are free to add or modify lines that do not contain a colons. A sample status response follows:

       Prospero server (Beta.4.2B) JUNE.CS.WASHINGTON.EDU
       Requests since startup 4096 (3609+377+2 67+29+0 9 0+0+0 0 3) OF
       Started: 26-Aug-91 15:14:56 UTC
        Memory: 0(118)vl 0(4)at 0(5)acl 0(1)fi 1(1)pr 2(2)pt 0(711)str
          Data: /u1/vfs/pfsdat
          Root: /
          AFTP: /homes/june/ftp

Since the responses to this command are so free in form, it is unlikely you would want to send additional requests to the Prospero server along with the STATUS request, since it would not be easy for a program to separate the replies to them from the free-form text.

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Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996