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(CREATE-OBJECT PHYSICAL+options hsoname-type hsoname
or CREATE-OBJECT ADD+options hsoname-type hsoname
or CREATE-OBJECT VIRTUAL+options name-component) LF
ATTRIBUTE attribute-specifying-tokensLF
ACL ACL-specifying-tokensLF

This command is currently (11/25/94) only implemented with the VIRTUAL+DIRECTORY options. It is unclear whether there will ever be a need for the other options specified here.

This command will create an object with the specified name-component and will return the identifier that can be used to open it. The options may include any or all of DIRECTORY, FILE, and OBJECT. If the FILE option is specified, the new file is created empty. If the DIRECTORY option is specified, the new directory is created empty (i.e., not containing any links.).

The object will be created with whatever attributes present that are specified in the ATTRIBUTE lines.

If options includes VIRTUAL, then name-component is a name relative to the current directory, and a link to the new object is added to the current directory. SUCCESS or error indicators are returned.

If the ADD option is specified, then one is adding a base type to an already created object. Exactly one of the ADD, VIRTUAL, and PHYSICAL options must be specified.

If the PHYSICAL option and a hsoname-type hsoname pair are specified, then the server will attempt to create an object with that hsoname-type handle-pair. If the PHYSICAL option without a following pair is specified then the server will choose a free hsoname-type hsoname pair.

Upon success with the PHYSICAL option, the server will return:

CREATED hsoname-type hsoname

It is up to the application to create a link to the new object.

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996