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EDIT-ACL ( LINK+options name-component
or OBJECT+options )
ACL entry-type authentication-type rights principal

This command is used to modify an access control list for an object, for a link within a directory object, or for a named ACL. If modifying the ACL for an object or for a link within a directory object, the object is specified in the previous OBJECT command. Another option indicates the operations to be performed (one of ADD, SUBTRACT, INSERT, DELETE, SET or DEFAULT), and whether to override the automatic inclusion of the system ACL (NOSYSTEM), or limited administer access for the client (NOSELF). For NAMED ACLs, the additional operations CREATE and DESTROY are available.

The server will return SUCCESS, FAILURE, or FORWARDED, as appropriate.

See the Proispero user's manual for

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996