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CREATE-LINK options ( L or U ) name-component target host-type host-name hsoname-type hsoname object-version ID id-type id-value

This command creates a new link in the current directory. The name-component may not be null, even if the link is a union link. If filters or other information must be added, the EDIT-LINK-INFO command should be used once the link has been created.

The options may include REPLICA to add a link to a directory that already contains a link with the same name-component. REPLICA indicates that the new link and the existing link or links with which it conflicts are replicas. Normally, if one attempts to add a link with a conflicting name-component, the response is:


if the new link duplicates an existing link (if all of the arguments to it are the same as those of an existing link), and


if the new link has information which conflicts with an existing link.

If CONFLICT is among the options, then conflicting links will be inserted into the directory anyway.

For directories whose DIRECTORY-ORDERING is UNSORTED, one of these three additional options may be specified:

The CREATE-LINK command is immediately followed by a LINK line, describing the link before which the new link is to be inserted in the directory listing.
Same as above, but the new link is inserted after the specified link rather than before it.
This is the default. The new link will be the last item in the directory.

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996