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GET-OBJECT-INFO requested-attributes hsoname-type hsoname object-version LF
SELECT applies-to ( FIELD or INTRINSIC or APPLICATION) attribute-name attribute-value-type value-tuple-element

This command requests information about an object. requested-attributes is a list of those attributes that are desired. Multiple attributes may be separated by ``+'' signs (with no intervening white space), just as options lists are separated.

Special attribute names may be specified, just as they may be for the LIST command. The special names are: #OBJECT, which is synonymous with #ALL), #FIELD, #INTERESTING, #ALL, and #APPLICATION.

The response can be multiple lines, each containing a value for an attribute. The response will be the same as for the ATTRIBUTE option to the LIST command. However, the applies-to field will always be OBJECT

An object that has migrated to another host may have its FORWARDING-POINTER attribute queried with GET-OBJECT-INFO, but attempts to retrieve any other attributes will return a FORWARDED message.

If no matching attributes for the object were found, the response is NONE-FOUND.

Padma Indraganti
Thu Jun 20 13:02:20 PDT 1996