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Using it

The browser will display a numbered list showing the contents of the directory. The items in the list will be followed by one of four characters:

A file. If it is a data file, you will be able to retrieve it and save it. If it is a text file, you can retrieve it and view it, and then have the option of mailing it, saving it, or printing it.

A directory (submenu). You can select it to see the contents, and then type u to go up to the previous menu.

A portal. This represents a service you will have to connect to via telnet or some similar protocol. Select it in order to receive some instructions and begin a telnet session.

A search. It will display some initial documentation. It may ask you to select among several possible searches, and will then prompt you for what you are searching for. Later versions of the menu browser will check what you type at the prompts to make sure the format is correct. Type ? at the beginning of any line in order to receive further documentation about the meaning of that line.gif

The results of the search will be displayed as a new menu that contains a list of the items that matched the search, possibly including subdirectories.

Type the number of the item you wish to explore in order to explore that item. Type q to quit.

Padma Indraganti
Tue Jul 9 11:37:24 PDT 1996