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Setting up a New Site

This section explains how to set up a new site. Systems that are running the release as distributed are part of the USC Information Sciences Institute guest site. This applies even if your system is running a server. If you would like to set up your own site, send a message to to obtain the appropriate additional files. Unless you are setting up your own site, you may skip the remainder of this section.

Before you begin, you will have to obtain a global prefix that will uniquely identify the virtual systems registered at your site. A prefix may be obtained by sending a message to

The global prefix is part of the low level name for each virtual system. It should be thought of as an address. Users employ higher level names to specify virtual systems. Registering a prefix will allow objects created at your site to be named by others. Even if your site will not be reachable by any other sites, it is still important to register a prefix. Doing so guarantees that no other site has the same prefix. This will make it possible to connect with the rest of the global system should a connection ever be established. More information on setting up an isolated site is described in Section 11.2.

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