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Using the Prospero File System

This section assumes that Prospero has already been installed on your system. Section 10 describes the installation procedure.

To use Prospero you must first determine the name of the directory that contains the executables.gif

Before you can begin using the Prospero file system a virtual system must be created for you. Section 10.2.1 explains how the Prospero site administrator can create a new virtual system. Don't be frightened away from experimenting by these comments! Most Prospero sites support a guest virtual system which can be used until your own virtual system is created. Prospero, as shipped, is configured so that once you compile the clients you can type ``vfsetup guest'' and start working right out of the box using a guest virtual system at the USC Information Sciences Institute.

To use a virtual system, you must first execute the vfsetup command to initialize your environment. For example, if the name of your virtual system is guest you should execute the following command:

    vfsetup guest

Padma Indraganti
Tue Jul 9 11:37:24 PDT 1996