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Retrieving Files

    vget virtual-file [local-file]

The commands described so far allow you to move around the virtual file system, but they do not allow you to access the files that it names. If a program has been linked with the Prospero compatibility library, the program can access files directly.

The vget command can be used to explicitly retrieve a file. The virtual-file is the name of the file to be retrieved from the Prospero file system. local-file is the real name that you want the file to have in your real current working directory. If local-file is omitted the last component of the virtual file name will be used.

If the standard input to vget has been redirected, the input will be searched for a line of the form ``Virtual-system-name: vs-name''. If found, virtual-file will be relative to the virtual system which has been read from (closed with) the input. If the -m option has been specified, the input will be additionally searched for a line for the form ``Virtual-file-name: filename''. If found, filename will be used in place of virtual-file. The -a option can be used to suppress the searching of the standard input.

vget does not currently open telnet connections to objects with access methods of type TELNET. Nor does it treat objects with an OBJECT-INTERPRETATION SEARCH in any interesting way; you should use the menu program to open such objects.

Padma Indraganti
Tue Jul 9 11:37:24 PDT 1996