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    vrm link

vrm removes the named link from a directory. It is important to note that vrm only removes the link. The object will continue to exist if there are any additional links to it. If there are none, then the object will become subject to garbage collection at a future time.

Another important thing to note is that vrm will only remove a link if it exists in the directly indicated directory. You may be confused by vrm claiming that a link is not present when you can see it quite clearly via als or vls or menu. This problem arises because the link you're seeing is actually included via a union link. Use the -u flag to vls to see if this is the case. You can use the -u flag to vcd to put yourself into the directory that actually contains the link and try the vrm again. This problem also often arises with the list_acl, set_acl, and set_atr commands, and it has the same solution.

Padma Indraganti
Tue Jul 9 11:37:24 PDT 1996