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Finding Things

The Prospero file system provides tools that make it easier to keep track of and organize information in large systems. When first created, your virtual file system is likely to contain links to directories that organize information in different ways. As the master copy of each of these directories is updated, you will see the changes. You may customize these directories. The changes you make to a customized directory are only seen from within your own virtual system, but changes made to the master copy will also be visible to you. See section 5.5 for instructions on customizing a directory.

Users are encouraged to organize their own projects and papers in a manner that will allow them to be easily added to the master directory. For example, users should consider creating a virtual directory that contains pointers to copies of each of the papers that they want made available to the outside world. This virtual directory may appear anywhere in the user's virtual system. Once set up, a link may be added to the master author directory. In this manner, others will be able to find this directory. Once added to the master directory, any future changes will be immediately available to other users.

To add a link to the master copy of any of the shared directories, send a message to your site administrator. The address should be pfs-administrator on the primary system for the site. If you are using a virtual system stored at the USC Information Sciences Institute, the address would be

Padma Indraganti
Tue Jul 9 11:37:24 PDT 1996