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The PFS library includes procedures for allocating and freeing Prospero data structures, resolving names using Prospero, reading directories, setting and retrieving attributes, adding and deleting links, and creating directories. Only those procedures generally used by application programmers are described here. The remaining routines are called internally.

These functions are prototyped in the include file pfs.h, found in the include directory in the Prospero source tree. The data structures manipulated by these functions and the definitions of the flag options are also defined and documented in that file. When Prospero is installed normally, the library (ready to be linked with) can be found in lib/pfs/libpfs.a in the Prospero source hierarchy.

Since this manual is still not complete, a programmer will often find it helpful to look at the source code files for the functions discussed here. Most of them are preceded with large comments discussing their behavior in more detail than is gone into here. They can all be found in the lib/pfs directory in the Prospero source tree.

Examples of using these functions can be found in the user directory of the Prospero source tree.

Programmers looking for examples of listing a directory and retrieving attributes should look at vls.c. Examples of setting attributes are in set_atr.c. An example of the pget_am interface to retrieving files is in vget.c (after you see it, we expect you'll appreciate the simplicity of pfs_open(). An example of add_vlink() is in vln.c.

Padma Indraganti
Wed Jun 19 18:04:04 PDT 1996