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Entry Points


Entry points:

¯ closedir creat, execve, open, opendir, readdir, scandir,

seekdir, stat, telldir, and pfs_access.

closedir, creat, execve, open, opendir, readdir, scandir, seekdir, stat, and telldir are identical to the entry points with the same names in the standard C library except that, depending on the value of the pfs_enable variable, file names may be resolved using Prospero.

pfs_access( char *path,char *npath,int npathlen, int flags) accepts a name, path, that is to be resolved using Prospero. pfs_access resolves the name, selects an access method, mounts the appropriate file system or retrieves the file if necessary, and returns a new name in npath that may be passed to open. npath must be a buffer large enough to hold the new name, and its size must be passed in npathlen. By setting flags, it is possible to specify that the file is to be created if it does not exist (PFA_CREATE), or to indicate that the file will be opened read only (PFA_RO). pfs_access returns PSUCCESS (0) or PMC_DELETE_ON_CLOSE on success. A return value of PMC_DELETE_ON_CLOSE indicates that the file has been cached on the local system and that the calling application should delete the cached copy when done with it. Any other return code indicates failure.

Warning: As of this writing, the PFA_CREATE flag has not been fully implemented.

Padma Indraganti
Wed Jun 19 18:04:04 PDT 1996