PRM Version 1.0 was released in February 1995. The latest release is Version 1.1.

New features in PRM Version 1.0

Task migration support
When a node makes itself unavailable to run jobs, tasks running on it are checkpointed and migrated to other nodes. Checkpointing support is provided by the Condor package, and is available as the checkpointing-extensions distribution as described above.

Application debugging support
By specifying debugging options, applications tasks can be started under a debugger. A front end transmits debugging commands to back end task-monitors that control program execution. Patches are provided that adapt the Gnu source level Debugger (GDB) to function as the task-monitor. For parallel programs, each target task is controlled by a separate task-monitor. Tracing and replay options enable the exact recreation of the sequence of events in a program's history.

PVM 3.3.5 compatibility
Interprocess communication interface compatible with that of PVM Version 3.3.5 (including dynamic process groups).

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