PRM man pages : nodemngr(8)


     nodemngr - PRM node manager


     nodemngr [ -Dlev ] [ -i [fintvl:nintvl] ]  [  -s  host  ]  [
     -tstime:etime ]


     nodemngr manages the creation and execution of PRM tasks  on
     the  node  that  it runs on. When requested by an authorized
     job manager nodemngr loads and executes a program. It  moni-
     tors  tasks  running  on  the node, notifies the job manager
     about events such as the termination and  failure  of  tasks
     and keeps the system manager informed about the availability
     of the node for assignment to jobs. Unless one  or  both  of
     the  -i and -t options are specified, node is made available
     to run jobs at all times.

     If started up  by  PRM_startup(8),  stdout  and  stderr  are
     redirected  to the file /tmp/, where pid its
     process identifier. Informational messages  are  printed  to
     this  file.  It is useful to examine this file when abnormal
     situations arise.


          Debug level. Print debugging information. More informa-
          tion is printed at larger values of lev. -D1 and -D are

     -i fintvl:nintvl
          Make node available for running jobs only when  a  user
          is not logged into the host. Periodically check whether
          users are logged in and if so, do not allow the  system
          manager  to allocate the node to any job. If specified,
          fintvl and  nintvl  are  taken  as  the  intervals  (in
          seconds)  for  checking whether any users are logged in
          (all users are logged out) when no users are  currently
          logged  in   (users  are  currently logged in). Default
          values for fintvl and nintvl are  60  and  900  seconds
          respectively.  If the -t option is also specified, make
          node available when within the time window  of  availa-
          bility and no users are logged in.

          Run all application  tasks  with  a  reduced  priority.
          Tasks will be nice'd to value niceval when spawned. The
          job manager may request a further reduction in priority
          for  its  tasks but it cannot request a higher priority
          than niceval.

     -r   Allow spawning of remote executable files. The  default
          configuration  of the node manager expects all applica-
          tion   binaries   to   reside   in    the    directory,
          $PRM_TOP/bin/$ARCH.  The -r option must be specified if
          the node manager  is  required  to  spawn  applications
          residing  in  other directories, or on remote hosts. If
          this option is enabled, sufficient precautions must  be
          taken  to  ensure  that users do not transfer malicious
          programs from remote sites  and  execute  them  on  the

     -s host
          Name of host running the sysmngr that will manage  this

          Make node available for running jobs  only  within  the
          time  window  starting at time stime and ending at time
          etime. Times must be specified in a 24-hour clock  for-
          mat  (ex:  0000,  0730 1200, 2125). If the -i option is
          also specified, make node  available  when  within  the
          time window and no users are logged in.


          Top level of the directory hierarchy in  which  PRM  is
          installed.  If this is not set, nodemngr determines the
          PRM binaries  directory  using  the  compiled-in  value
          specified in prm_config.h.


     /tmp/         Node manager's log file


     jobmngr(1), PRM_startup(8), sysmngr(8)