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Starting up and shutting down PRM

Before startup, prepare an Access Control List (ACL) for the system manager. The ACL is specified in a file that contains one entry per line, specified as a symbolic name or an Internet address in the '.' notation. The system manager uses the ACL to determine whether a host is authorized to use its nodes. For example, a file containing the lines
tells the system manager that users on hosts, and any of the hosts on the 128.9.160 network are permitted to use its nodes. A default ACL file, smacl.default is provided in $PRM_TOP/bin/$ARCH. Edit this file to include hosts from which you would like to start PRM jobs.

Ensure that the environment variables PRM_TOP and ARCH are set and the PRM binaries directory $PRM_TOP/bin/$ARCH is included in your search path.

PRM is usually started using the shell script, PRM_startup. It can be gracefully shut down using the script PRM_shutdown and killed using another script, PRM_kill. Node managers and system managers can also be started individually. Both startup procedures described below.

Santosh Rao
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