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  1. Ensure that the environment variables PRM_TOP and ARCH are set.

  2. Edit $PRM_TOP/src/include/prm_config.h to set site specific variables:

    1. If you do not have root privileges, skip this step. If you have root privileges on the machines on which you intend to run PRM, and you wish to install PRM as superuser, uncomment the line in prm_config.h that defines the macro ROOT.

    2. Edit the macro definitions for DefaultPrmBinDir and DefaultSmgrHost as described.

  3. If you did not execute Step 2(a) above skip this step. Else, create a new group prmsrv. This is the group id under which the system and node managers will run.

  4. If you are not installing PRM with application debugging capabilities skip this step. If you are, you must install the Gnu Debugger ( gdb) first, and its source tree must be accessible in the steps that follow. First obtain the gdb-4.12 distribution (available at sites that distribute Gnu software, for e.g., and uncompress and untar it. We will refer to the complete pathname of the gdb subdirectory (gdb-4.12/gdb) in this distribution as $GDBDIR.

    1. Copy the file gdb-patchfile in this directory to $GDBDIR.

    2. cd to $GDBDIR and apply the patches:

              patch -c < gdb-patchfile

    3. Compile gdb using the instructions provided. Ignore any error messages during linking. The executable file ( gdb) produced in this step will be with further linked with some object files in Step 6.

  5. cd to $PRM_TOP. Configure your PRM installation using the config script.

    	config [debug GDBDIR=$GDBDIR] [ckpt]

    Specify as arguments to config those configuration options you have selected: debug if you executed Step 4 above; ckpt if you would like to provide task migration capabilities and have retrieved and unpacked the checkpointing extensions. Config creates the bin, lib, obj directory hierarchies, copies Makefiles into the obj directory, generates make dependencies and creates a working makefile, Makefile.$ARCH from the master makefile, Makefile.master.

  6. Make and install the executables:

    	   make -f Makefile.$ARCH

    This compiles the managers and server programs and installs them in the directory $PRM_TOP/bin/$ARCH. It also compiles the demo programs, ringsim, sort-master, sort-worker and ckpt_migr.

make clean removes all object files and enables complete recompilation. If at a later time, you wish to install/remove either or both of the debug and ckpt options first use make clean, then repeat Steps 5 and 6.

This completes the installation procedure.

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Santosh Rao
Tue Feb 13 13:59:23 PST 1996