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Task migration

If built with checkpointing extensions, PRM Version 1.1 provides the option of automatic task migration through checkpointing. Migration is transparent to the user, and is initiated by the node manager (by checkpointing tasks) and carried out by the job manager in conjunction with another node manager. For a task to be migration capable, (a) its executables must be linked with Condor's checkpointing library, libckpt.a (b) the job configuration file must indicate that the executable has been so linked.

For linking with the checkpointing library, follow the instructions provided in Section 6. The c attribute in the job configuration file indicates that a task is checkpoint capable. Include a line

        c = true
in the job configuration file if task executable is checkpoint capable,
        c = false

In this release, checkpoint capability is the default if PRM has been compiled and installed with the ckpt option. The c attribute may be omitted from the configuration file if task executable is checkpoint capable.

Santosh Rao
Tue Feb 13 13:59:23 PST 1996