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Shutting down PRM

If PRM was set up using the PRM_startup script, use PRM_shutdown to shut down all managers. PRM_shutdown takes names of one or more PRM_config files as command line argument:

        PRM_shutdown prm-config-file

PRM_kill is another script that accomplishes the same. It however kills node and system managers using signals, and is useful when some managers have died and PRM is in an inconsistent state.

        PRM_kill prm-config-file

If PRM was started manually, or if you'd like to shut down part of a PRM configuration, use shutdown host to shut down a node manager running on host host. shutdown - host shuts down a system manager running on host. You may also kill a manager using the kill(1) command in Unix.

Santosh Rao
Tue Feb 13 13:59:23 PST 1996