PRM man pages : PRM_startup(8)


     PRM_startup - Start up PRM node managers and system managers


     PRM_startup [ -S ] [ -c cfile ] [ -f hfile ] [ -n nargs ]  [
     -s sargs ]


     Using rsh(1), PRM_startup starts up system and node managers
     on  the specified hosts after appropriately initializing the
     environment on the hosts.  Hostnames can be specified  in  a
     file  that  is  passed as an argument with the -f option, or
     entered when PRM_startup prompts for hostnames.  A  list  of
     hostnames,  managers  started  on them and their process ids
     are written to a configuration file.  Typically, PRM_startup
     is  run  only  once, since node and system managers run for-
     ever, until shut down by PRM_shutdown(8),  or  killed  by  a
     host system crash, PRM_kill(8), or the Unix kill(1) command.

     PRM_startup redirects the stdout and  stderr  of  each  node
     manager process it starts to a file /tmp/ on
     the local host, where pid is the process id of the  process.
     If  a node manager cannot be started or exits after startup,
     an error message can usually be found in these files.


     -S   Run silently. Do not print informational  messages.  By
          default  PRM_startup  prints  the  names of hosts as it
          starts up a node or system manager on them.

     -c cfile
          Write configuration  information to file cfile.  Prints
          hostname, type of manager and its process identifier to
          cfile.  Default configuration  file  is,
          where  pid  is  the  process identifier of the invoking

     -f hfile
          Read  hostnames from file hfile.   Hostnames  in  hfile
          must  be separated by spaces or newlines. By default, a
          node manager will  be  started  on  a  specified  host,
          unless  the hostname is preceded by a -s, in which case
          a system manager will be started on that host.  If  the
          -f  option  is  not  present, PRM_startup runs interac-
          tively, prompting for hostnames.

     -n "nargs"
          Pass nargs as  command-line  arguments  to  every  node
          manager process that is started. nargs must be enclosed
          in quotes.  For command line options  to  nodemngr  see

     -s "sargs"
          Pass sargs as command-line arguments  to  every  system
          manager process that is started. sargs must be enclosed
          in quotes.  For command line  options  to  sysmngr  see


     PRM_startup expects the following environment  variables  to
     be set:

          Top level of the directory hierarchy in  which  PRM  is

     ARCH Architecture of the executing host  (currently  limited
          to  sun3, sun4 and hp700)

FILES          PRM configuration file

     /tmp/   nodemngr's stdout,  stderr  and  log


     Cannot have different command line  arguments  to  different
     node managers.

     PRM_TOP must have the same value on all hosts.


     nodemngr(8), sysmngr(8), PRM_shutdown(8), PRM_kill(8)