Computer Science 555 - Research Paper - Fall 2012

Due: 5 December 2014

In your proposal you have already prepared a reading list of the papers that you plan to use, though you will be free to add to the reading list as you continue to work on the research paper. When considering the addition or deletion of papers please keep in mind the guidlines for references provided to proposal assignment.

In the lecture notes you received two papers on how and how not to write a scientific paper. You must now write a paper on the topic you selected in your proposal. The purpose of the research report is for you to become an expert on the topic you selected. The research report should be written so that it conveys information to the reader. When grading the paper I will ask myself whether other students in the class might learn about the topic you choose by reading your paper. The paper should contain original analysis of the papers you choose to cover, and ideally suggest directions for future research on the topic.

In writing your paper you should use the assigned readings from the course as a guide of what is expected of you. In particular, the length and level of detail should be about that of the typical paper from your readings. There is no hard limit for maximum or minium length, but the paper will be evaluated on the criteria above. Too short to convey what needs to be conveyed and it will not make for an effective paper. Similarly, a paper that is too long will likely not be focused. The real constraint on the length, though, is that your paper should be as long as is necessary to get across the material you wish to convey, and not longer. You should use the papers in the readings as a guide to what is expected in terms of properly citing other works.

We realize that some of the students in CSci555 have not been required to submit research papers in other classes that they have taken. For those of you who have not written a research paper before, we urge you to utilize the resources of the Engineering Writing Center or the USC Writing Center.

Your submitted paper must contain a cover page with your name, student ID number, the tiles of the paper, and the course name "CSci555 Advanced Operating Systems". The cover page must also contain the following statement, signed by you:


Review the published Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism available in another format here, for guidelines on appropriate and inappropriate use of material from other sources. Do not assume that you know what is appropriate and what is not. Every year we have to report multiple cases of plagiarism, and I assign F's in the class. On some occasions, this has prevented the student from graduating. Some of these students claim that they didn't bother reading the guide even though there was a link from the assignment because they thought they knew what was OK and what was not. We will assume that you do know, and that any violations are intentional. Thus it is in your interest to read the guide.

Please note that the official due date for the paper is Friday 5 December. The papers must be submitted in printed form by this time. You may mail the paper to me (at the address below) if you prefer, but the paper must have a postmark or pick-up date of Friday December 5, and it must be delivered by the carrier to ISI by Tuesday December 9.

In addittion to providing a printed copy of the paper per the instructions in this section, you must also e-mail an electronic version of the paper in PDF (not a scanned PDF, but one from which the text can be recovered), word, or text format to The purpose of the electronic copy is to check papers for plagiarism. It is the paper version of the paper that will be reviewed for grading. Electronic submissions will NOT be graded. You may turn in your paper in person to either instructor through the time of the final lecture. DEN students may mail the paper following the directions below so that it has a postmark of December 5. Do NOT slide the paper under the door of the instructor or the TA as 1) the paper may be lost, and 2) we have no way to determine when it was submitted.

If papers are submitted or mailed after December 5th, but by December 12, they will receive a penalty of one letter grade (e.g. an A becomes and A-). This will likely have only a minor effect on the course grade if any, as weighting of the assignment into the final grade has an effect of 0.09 to 0.12 grade points. If your course grades are borderline, however, this might make the difference.

For those wishing to turn in the paper by mail. You must have the paper delivered to Dr. Neuman at ISI. It is your responsibility to see that the paper reaches Dr. Neuman. Delivery confirmation is a good way to make sure that it has been delivered. Dr. Neuman will not individually acknowledge receipt of papers - except by entering a grade when grading is complete. Dr. Neuman's address is:

    Dr. Clifford Neuman
    USC Information Sciences Institute
    4676 Admiralty Way
    Marina del Rey, CA 90292

    (310) 822-1511
If hand delivering the paper, it may be left with the ISI receptionist until close of business on December 5. If received by receptionist by close of business December 5th, the receptionist will deliver the papers to me, and I will treat the papers as delivered on time.